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God of War II (often refered as GoW II or God of War II: Divine retribution) is an action-adventure game released on the year 2007. It is, cronologically, the fourth game in the series, after God of War and God of War: Betrayal. Along with God of War, the game was re-released for the PS3 in a bundle called God of War: Collection in November 2009 in North America. Some of the game's developement information can be found on a second disc, which is included in the North American version of the game. It features things such as deleted levels or concept art.


The game is very similar in gameplay style to its precessor, God of War, as it is played in a 3rd person perspective. The protagonist, Kratos, has the blades of Athena, two dual blades chained up to bracalets, which he used to strike down almost all of his enemies, as it is his main weapon during the game. The magic has also returned, but it has changed; instead of being the powers of the gods (the only remaining is the Rage of Poseidon, only usable at the beggining of the game) he now uses the powers of titans, although their functions and abilities are essentially the same ones from the magics of the other game. So, this is essentially a Beat 'em up, although it has some main characteristics, which make it a more different game:

  • When the enemies are defeated, you can win experience orbs, which are used to level up your weapons, thus winning more strength and combos for these.
  • When an enemy is weakened, an icon appears over its head, allowing Kratos to kill his opponent with a Quick-time event. While normal enemies can be defeated without doing these, the final bosses can only be defeated like this (the only exception is the final phase of the battle against the colosus of Rhodes).
  • New weapons are introduced. Kratos can now carry a secondary weapon with him, and so the player has more "freedom" at the time of doing some combos and combinations. Also, relics are introduced. These allow Kratos to do some things which he can do without them, such as reflect attacks and proyectiles, or to temporally fly in the air.
  • The challenge of the titans, a series of challenges which can be very hard and annoying, are introduced. These have some restrictions, and depending on the rank you get at the end of these "tests", you will be given some special things, such as costumes, urns with special powers or even a training arena, called the arena of the fates. Bonus play is also featured.

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